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  • 2010年12月09日

    Magic Particles 3D/2D 国外游戏特效编辑器【LH翻译】 - [特效理论]


    Brief description

    Do you want make «Hollywood-like» special effects? Magic Particles will help you!


    . Brief descriptionDo you want make laquo;Hollywood-like» special effects? Magic Particles will help you!
    简要概述 你想要制作出好莱坞的特效么,MP软件将帮助你

    Ignescent text, flying comet, autumn leaves dancing in the gust of wind, snowstorm and multicolored fog, wriggly tentacles of outlandish creatures, fantastic silhouettes of plants—all these (and many more!) images might not only be created in our program but added to your photos and videos.

    The program will be useful both for nonprofessionals who just like to decorate private photos and for designers. Want to decorate your wedding photo or add New Year freshness to your movie or banner? There is nothing easier!

    The program is so simple and easy-to-use that anyone can create special effects of top class just in a couple of minutes and with few mouse clicks.

    Who could need the program?Magic Particles for home usersDo you want to refresh slightly your private photo or video? Make snow falling on your New Year picture or add silhouettes of falling golden leaves to motionless picture of the autumn park. Amateur home collection videos can be supplemented with colorful almost laquo;Hollywood-like» special effects.

    All these can be done using Magic Particles without extra efforts and special knowledge.

    Magic Particles for designersDo you need to create animation, based on particle system without high costs? Magic Particles will cope easily with this task.

    A client wants his name on the personal webpage appearing in iridescent nimbus? Rock-group fan-club dreams about placing on their fan-site a logo bleeding and flaring? Animation of such kind can be created by Magic Particles in several minutes and with a dozen of mouse clicks.
    客户需要他在个人网页中出现的闪光灵气的名字吗?将摇滚俱乐部的标志放置在他们的球迷现场标识出血和燃烧?  MP都可以实现只需要简单的操作步骤。

    If you often receive tasks connected with creation and editing special effects, like described above, you must have already understood that average client mostly does not have a very clear understanding of the task complexity. But now, Magic Particles gives you the unique chance to finish any order for less time with better quality!
    如果你经常需要创建和编辑特效,像上面所述,你必须已经了解, 普通的软件是无法实现如此复杂的效果。但现在,魔术颗粒给你一个独一无二的机会,以更少量的时间和更加优秀的效果来满足你的需求

    If you use programs like Adobereg; AfterEffects™, you may just bring the exported sequence of images with alpha channel into the program for further processing. In the near future we plan to create special plug-in for this program. It makes it possible to pass the export stage and work directly with the program package.

    Magic Particles for game developers

    Using Magic Particles you can create realistic animation sequences for fire, flame, fog, expolosions, flocks of insects or birds and other effects. Game developers could be interested with making amazing effects of magic and so on. Just create animation sequence with Magic Particles and then export it into some graphic or video format your program could then read.


    Download Magic Particles 3D 2.0

    Download Magic Particles 3D 2.0 ~ 18.46 Mb

    Download Magic Particles 2D 2.0

    Download Magic Particles 2.0 ~ 11.90 Mb

    Download Magic Particles (Dev) 1.72

    Download a trial version of Magic Particles (Dev) 1.72 ~ 13,46 Mb

    Download Magic Particles (Dev) Free 1.72 

    Download a non-commercial version of Magic Particles (Dev) Free 1.72 ~ 13,45 Mb

    Download examples of API use

    1. Flaming tank   ~ 690,32 Kb (this example included in the standard delivery)
    2. Matrix   ~ 613,01 Kb


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