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  • 2011年05月08日

    Object Randomizer MAX物体随机变化脚本 - [Max教程]


    This script allows users to randomly rotate, scale, and move the selected objects with the choice of relative or absolute.

    The icons are also in the rar folder.

    Additional Info: 

    Objection Randomizer 1.0
    - Simple User-Friendly UI
    - Independent controls for Move, Rotate, & Scale transform properties
    - Uniform Scale option for Scale transform
    - Absolute and Relative options for control over objects
    - Min and Max parameters for each transform axis

    Objection Randomizer 2.0
    - Now supports “Undo” function
    - Icons now created within script to eliminate any possible icon issues
    - Scale values now are based on percentages
    - Scale works with both Absolute(World) and Relative(Local)

    Objection Randomizer 3.0
    - Fixed "Undo" bug.
    - Removed icons to eliminate any issues.
    - Scale values now are based on percentages both absolute and relative
    - Rotation works for both absolute and relative to object (local axis)
    - Rewrote entire script. Went from 406 lines of code in v2.0 to 106 in v3.0

    Version Requirement: 
    Max 8+


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